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FortyGuard's Cutting-Edge AI Solutions for Urban Heat Featured in Fast Company Middle East: Shaping Cooler Cities for the Future

FortyGuard, a pioneer in the field of urban climate intelligence, proudly announces its feature in Fast Company Middle East, a publication renowned for its dedication to covering the intersection of business, innovation, and technology. The article, "Companies in the Middle East region are using AI to combat climate change," highlights FortyGuard's groundbreaking work in using AI to tackle the pressing issue of urban heat, showcasing the company's contributions towards creating cooler, more sustainable cities.

Fast Company Middle East, known as the world's leading business media brand, has an editorial focus on innovation in technology, leadership, world-changing ideas, creativity, and design. It is written for and about the most progressive business leaders, aiming to inspire readers to think expansively, lead with purpose, embrace change, and shape the future of business. Fast Company has been at the forefront of reporting on the revolution changing the landscape of business, highlighting new practices and showcasing the individuals and teams leading the charge.

In this context, FortyGuard's recognition by Fast Company Middle East is a testament to the company's innovative approach and its significant impact on the environment. The article emphasizes how, in the face of rising temperatures and decreasing annual rainfall in the Middle East, FortyGuard's AI platform is crucial in providing data, insights, and analysis for smarter decision-making.

This acknowledgment in Fast Company Middle East not only celebrates FortyGuard's contributions to climate technology but also aligns with the publication's mission to chronicle the business revolution that is shaping our world. As FortyGuard continues to pioneer advancements in temperature intelligence and sustainable urban planning, its recognition by Fast Company Middle East serves as a beacon for future innovations in the fight against climate change.

For further details on FortyGuard's innovative solutions and to read the full article in Fast Company Middle East, please visit

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