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FortyGuard's Innovative AI-Powered Climate Tech Highlighted in Channel News Asia Feature

FortyGuard is making headlines for its revolutionary approach to mitigating urban heat, as featured in a recent Channel News Asia (CNA) article. The insightful piece, titled "Cooler commutes possible with UAE start-up's AI-powered tool providing easily accessible heat data," delves into how FortyGuard is addressing the critical challenge of global heat through AI and data analytics.

Jay Sadiq, the visionary founder and CEO of FortyGuard, shared the company's journey from its initial focus on material science to becoming a leader in climate tech solutions. Inspired by efforts in Los Angeles to reduce urban temperatures, Sadiq aimed to apply similar innovations within the UAE. However, he quickly recognized the fundamental need for precise, accessible heat data to inform such initiatives effectively.

"Our mission evolved to fill a significant data gap, leveraging cloud-based AI to offer high-resolution temperature data," Sadiq explained. FortyGuard's ambitious goal is to become the "Google of temperature," providing vital insights to governments, businesses, and communities grappling with the urban heat island effect and its implications for city living.

The CNA article, authored by Jack Board, underscores the growing urgency of the heat crisis in urban environments and the innovative solutions being sought worldwide. It highlights FortyGuard's unique positioning as not a weather or infrastructure company but as a provider of advanced software that synthesizes public environmental data with satellite imagery and information from weather stations. This approach allows for cost-effective, customizable, and easily accessible temperature data crucial for informed decision-making.

FortyGuard's technology has far-reaching applications, from aiding city planners and engineers in visualizing temperature impacts to enabling navigation tools that offer cooler commute routes. The company's solutions are also valuable to sectors like real estate, insurance, and health, helping to develop new products and better assess risks associated with heat.

The article also touches on FortyGuard's successful partnership with Rochester City in New York and its plans to expand its services to Europe and Asia. Sadiq's vision for FortyGuard is clear: to empower cities and industries with the tools they need to create cooler, more sustainable environments.

As world leaders and experts convened at COP28 in Dubai, discussing solutions for the planet's hottest year on record, FortyGuard stood out as a beacon of hope and innovation. The company's work exemplifies the critical role of technology and data in shaping a cooler, more livable future for cities worldwide.

About FortyGuard

FortyGuard is at the forefront of developing AI-powered solutions for urban temperature management, offering precise analytics and cooling strategies to combat the urban heat island effect. Committed to sustainability and innovation, FortyGuard's technology plays a critical role in enhancing urban resilience and public health. For further information about FortyGuard's mission and technology, visit

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