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InnoQube Switzerland

FortyGuard Announces Expansion into European Market Through InnoQube Switzerland Startup Program

We are thrilled to announce that FortyGuard has been selected to join the esteemed InnoQube Switzerland Startup Program. This marks a significant step in FortyGuard's strategy, heralding our expansion into the European market. The acceptance into this prestigious program highlights our commitment to innovation in urban temperature management and our dedication to sustainable city development.

InnoQube Switzerland, known for its rigorous support system and dynamic collaborative network, offers a unique platform that accelerates startup growth and innovation through resources, mentorship, and access to a global network of experts. The program spans two months, starting April 29, 2024, and focuses on enhancing startup capabilities in business modeling, market entry, scaling strategies, and investment acquisition. The program’s robust ecosystem is designed to propel startups to new heights, making it an ideal platform for FortyGuard’s ambitious expansion plans.

We are excited to embark on this journey with the backing of InnoQube’s extensive network of partners. The program is supported by a dynamic group of board members, expert advisors, and investors who are instrumental in nurturing and driving startup success. This collaborative environment will provide FortyGuard with unparalleled access to expertise and insights that are essential for navigating and thriving in the European market.

FortyGuard is excited to engage with InnoQube Switzerland's extensive network of experts and leaders, crucial for our expansion into Europe. The program's Board of Directors includes Franco Quinter as Founder and Chairman, Andi Zindel as VP, along with members Alex Fries, Maren Lesche, and Andreas Zindel. We will also collaborate with expert advisors such as Gian Gilli (SportsTech), Kris Paasila (Digitalization), Ivo Ronner (Venture Capital), Kevin Russi (Tax), Philippe Haas (HealthTech), and others specializing in various fields. Additionally, our efforts are supported by partnerships with key organizations such as Startup Colors, Equity Pitcher Ventures, Suisse Blockchain, and others, enhancing our capabilities to adapt and grow in the European market.


The support from these distinguished individuals and entities will be invaluable as we explore new opportunities and foster relationships that will fuel our growth and innovation. These relationships are expected to enhance our operational insights and assist in adapting our innovative solutions to meet European market needs effectively.

Our involvement in the InnoQube Switzerland Startup Program is anticipated to accelerate FortyGuard's introduction to the European market, facilitate networking opportunities, and improve our technological offerings. This strategic move is aligned with our mission to deliver effective solutions for urban heat management and contribute to sustainable city environments globally. FortyGuard is excited about the possibilities this new venture will bring and is committed to sharing our journey and achievements along the way.

Notable individuals and entities:

Board of Directors:



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