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FortyGuard Celebrates Successful Participation at COP28 UAE with Advanced AI-Powered Climate Tech Solutions

FortyGuard, an innovative leader in urban temperature management, is proud to announce its impactful participation in the COP28 UAE conference, held in Expo City Dubai. This significant event provided a platform for FortyGuard to showcase its advanced analytics and granular temperature data solutions, contributing to global sustainability and climate resilience efforts.

During COP28, FortyGuard captivated attendees with its cutting-edge software solutions aimed at empowering cities and industries to make informed decisions for climate adaptation and resilience. The company’s participation was highlighted by a series of engagements, including a notable presentation by CEO Jay Sadiq at the Baker Hughes booth and a session featuring industry experts such as Antoine Halff from Kayrros and Jay Sadiq, discussing the pivotal role of technology in addressing climate challenges.

FortyGuard's success at COP28 is also a testament to the supportive ecosystem facilitated by partnerships and collaborations. Global Ventures and its Senior Partner Medea Nocentini, a trailblazer in impact investing and founder of C3 (Companies Creating Change), have been instrumental in supporting FortyGuard’s journey. Sadiq expressed immense gratitude for the backing received, highlighting the action-driven portfolio of C3 and its role in presenting promising early-stage startups at COP28 events.

The event served as a confluence of visionaries, with FortyGuard taking center stage to articulate its mission and solutions. The dynamic partnership between Posterity Institute and Baker Hughes, culminating in the climate tech talks, provided an illuminating platform for expert speakers, including Sadiq, to share insights and shape impactful solutions for a greener tomorrow.

AlfaTech, a partner of FortyGuard, also acknowledged the company’s contribution to sustainable urban design through its hyper-accurate heat maps and enterprise solutions. Recognized for its expertise and innovative solutions, FortyGuard has garnered accolades such as the Best Pitch Award at the 2022 SHERAA Entrepreneurial Festival and a certificate from Ma’an for Social Enterprises, further solidifying its reputation as a leader in climate tech solutions.

As FortyGuard looks to the future, its successful participation at COP28 UAE underscores its commitment to leveraging technology for sustainable development and climate action. The company invites industry stakeholders, potential partners, and attendees to join in their mission towards a cooler, more sustainable future.

About FortyGuard

FortyGuard is at the forefront of developing AI-powered solutions for urban temperature management, offering precise analytics and cooling strategies to combat the urban heat island effect. Committed to sustainability and innovation, FortyGuard's technology plays a critical role in enhancing urban resilience and public health. For more information, visit

About COP28 UAE

The COP28 UAE conference is a pivotal global event focused on climate action and sustainability, bringing together leaders, innovators, and policymakers to advance the dialogue and initiatives for a resilient and sustainable future. Hosted in Expo City Dubai, COP28 UAE serves as a platform for groundbreaking discussions and collaborations aimed at addressing the world's most pressing environmental challenges.

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