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NVIDIA GTC - Sustainable Futures Startup Showcase

FortyGuard CEO Jay Sadiq to Speak at NVIDIA GTC's Sustainable Futures Startup Showcase

FortyGuard, a leader in urban climate intelligence, is proud to announce that CEO Jay Sadiq will be a featured speaker at the upcoming NVIDIA GPU Technology Conference (GTC). This event marks a significant moment for leaders in technology and sustainability, showcasing the latest in AI and accelerated computing advancements. Sadiq’s participation highlights FortyGuard's pivotal role in utilizing cutting-edge technology to address urban climate challenges.

The NVIDIA GTC, a premier gathering of renowned developers, researchers, and business strategists, is set to host a range of inspiring sessions, exhibits, and workshops designed to shape the future of AI and accelerated computing. Among the event's highlights is the Sustainable Futures Startup Showcase with Extreme Tech Challenge [Session ID: INP63344], where Jay Sadiq will share the stage with other innovators at the forefront of sustainable technology.


Event Details:

Session: Sustainable Futures Startup Showcase with Extreme Tech Challenge

Date & Time: Wednesday, Mar 20 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM PDT (Thursday, Mar 21 1:00 AM - 2:00 AM GMT +04)

Location: Expo Theater, San Jose Convention Center, California


This session will feature three startups from the NVIDIA Inception Sustainable Futures program, including FortyGuard. Attendees will learn how these companies use NVIDIA technology to drive advancements in climate AI, AgriTech, environmental, social, & governance, and clean energy. The showcase is a unique opportunity to explore how these startups are redefining sustainable development through engineering excellence and how NVIDIA's technology and Earth-2 initiative are crucial to their progress.

Jay Sadiq's participation at the NVIDIA GTC is a tribute to FortyGuard's commitment to leveraging advanced analytics and high-resolution data to make cities cooler, smarter, and more sustainable. Under his leadership, FortyGuard is at the cutting edge of developing comprehensive solutions for urban temperature management, highlighting the company's role in shaping a cooler, more livable future for cities around the globe.

The NVIDIA GTC offers an unparalleled platform for networking and collaboration among the brightest minds in the industry, making it the perfect venue for Sadiq to share insights and advancements from FortyGuard. With over 900 sessions, 300+ exhibits, and 20+ technical workshops, the conference promises to deliver an incredible experience for all attendees, whether joining in person or virtually.

About FortyGuard

FortyGuard is pioneering the future of urban climate intelligence. With a mission to cool down cities and transform futures, FortyGuard's advanced AI platform turns granular temperature data into actionable insights. Backed by a team of experts in AI, ML, and software engineering, FortyGuard is crafting revolutionary technologies and services designed to support urban planners, public health officials, and a wide range of stakeholders in making smarter, sustainable decisions.

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