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FortyGuard Named Finalist in DHL’s Fast Forward Challenge MEA 2024

Dubai, UAE – June 2024: FortyGuard is honored to announce its recognition as a finalist in the prestigious Fast Forward Challenge Middle East & Africa 2024, organized by DHL Group. This year’s theme, "Future-Ready Logistics," aimed to identify innovative solutions that are reshaping logistics for a safer, greener, and smarter future.

The Fast Forward Challenge is a distinguished competition that provides businesses a platform to showcase their groundbreaking technologies and solutions. It emphasizes the future of logistics and supply chains in the MEA region and beyond. The competition's format included an initial virtual round, followed by an in-person final round pitch event at the Dubai Future Foundation in Dubai.

FortyGuard was selected as a finalist for its cutting-edge Temperature Operating System (tOS), designed to address urban heat management through AI-driven insights. During the challenge, our CEO Jay Sadiq presented FortyGuard's pioneering technology, which provides hyper-local temperature maps and smart analytics to optimize logistics, mobility, and industrial operations.

We captivated the panel of judges with insights into FortyGuard’s mission and technology. Our presentation explained how traditional temperature data, often sourced from satellites, lacks granularity and frequency, making real-time processing expensive and less effective. In contrast, FortyGuard's solution is 300 times more cost-effective and 100 times more accurate, offering data down to a 10-meter square granularity with hourly updates.

We further highlighted the application of FortyGuard’s technology in the city of Rotterdam, where the company mapped the city’s heat for significantly lower costs compared to traditional methods, providing more dynamic and accurate data. Lastly, Jay emphasized the practical benefits of integrating FortyGuard's technology in the logistics industry which included cooler route navigation, strategic EV charging station placements, and optimized cold chain logistics.

Being named a finalist in the Fast Forward Challenge is a testament to FortyGuard's innovative approach and its potential to revolutionize urban heat management and logistics. The recognition underscores our commitment to creating sustainable, cooler urban environments through advanced technology.

FortyGuard's achievement at the Fast Forward Challenge highlights its role as a leader in climate technology. We are dedicated to furthering our mission of cooling cities and enhancing urban livability through AI-powered solutions. This recognition will bolster FortyGuard’s efforts to expand its impact globally, providing intelligent, data-driven insights for urban planning and logistics.

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