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Future 100

FortyGuard Recognized as a Leading Innovator in the UAE's Future 100 Initiative

In an important recognition of its innovative solutions to urban heat management, FortyGuard proudly announces its selection as one of the Future 100 companies by the UAE Ministry of Economy and the Minister of Government Development and the Future. This distinguished privilege not only highlights FortyGuard's dedication to environmental sustainability but also aligns with the UAE's visionary leadership in nurturing a forward-looking economic and technological landscape.

The Future 100 initiative, unveiled during a prestigious ceremony at the Museum of the Future, celebrates the top 100 emerging companies driving forward the UAE’s economic sectors of tomorrow. Attended by distinguished thought leaders such as H.E. Abdullah bin Touq Al Marri, Minister of Economy, and H.E. Ohood Khalfan Al Roumi, Minister of State for Government Development and the Future, the event highlighted the UAE's commitment to fostering innovation and sustainable growth.

H.E. Abdulla bin Touq Al Marri lauded the initiative, stating, "We congratulate the 100 companies that have become the best companies of the future, possessing pioneering capabilities for growth and competition. This is a turning point enabling sustainable commercial success and access to markets globally." The initiative aligns with the “We the UAE 2031” vision, marking a significant step towards consolidating the UAE’s position as a hub for future economy companies and projects.

Echoing this sentiment, H.E. Ohood Khalfan Al Roumi emphasized the initiative's role in preparing the UAE for the future, "Future 100 has unveiled numerous startups and scale-ups venturing into new sectors... This creates novel opportunities for emerging companies, solidifying the UAE’s standing as a premier hub for new economy companies."

FortyGuard's inclusion in this list is not merely a recognition but a celebration of its pioneering work in leveraging AI to create sustainable solutions for urban heat management. The company’s innovative approach aligns with the UAE's strategic vision of nurturing a dynamic, competitive, and knowledge-based economy, focusing on sectors like sustainability, FinTech, health technology, and renewable energy.

Reflecting on the company’s accomplishment in being named as a Future 100 enterprise, Jay Sadiq, CEO of FortyGuard, applauds the collaborative spirit behind this achievement, stating, "The credit for our success in being recognized as one of the Future 100 companies goes to the intelligent collaboration and the teamwork by the FortyGuard team and the tremendous support we have been receiving from our ecosystem partners locally and internationally."

FortyGuard's recognition among the Future 100 is a testament to the UAE's commitment to nurturing a future-ready ecosystem of entrepreneurship that is innovative, sustainable, and globally competitive. This accolade not only celebrates FortyGuard's technological advancements but also positions the company at the forefront of the sustainable urban development sector, in alignment with the UAE's strategic economic goals.

About FortyGuard

FortyGuard is at the forefront of urban temperature intelligence, employing AI-powered technology to offer groundbreaking solutions for cooling cities globally. Dedicated to sustainability and cutting-edge innovation, FortyGuard is pivotal in transforming urban environments for a cooler, more sustainable future. For more information about FortyGuard and its services, visit

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