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Entrepreneurship World Cup 2024

FortyGuard Recognized at the Entrepreneurship World Cup 2024 for Sustainability Innovations

Dubai, UAE – June 2024: FortyGuard has garnered recognition as a runner-up in the Early Stage category at the Entrepreneurship World Cup 2024 (EWC). The startup received a special choice award in the “Sustainability” category and was also named a finalist for the Early Stage Startups Award, highlighting its innovative contributions to creating sustainable urban environments.

The Entrepreneurship World Cup 2024, organized by Startupscale 360 and Al Ghurair, took place at Swissotel Al Ghurair in Dubai on May 31st. This prestigious global pitching competition brought together over 100 startups from the UAE, reflecting the country's vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem.

FortyGuard's groundbreaking Temperature Operating System (tOS) was central to its recognition at the EWC. This AI-driven platform provides detailed heatmaps and analytics, helping cities mitigate urban heat islands and improve environmental resilience. The award in the “Sustainability” category underscores FortyGuard's impact on promoting sustainable urban planning and reducing carbon footprints​​​​.

FortyGuard’s success at the EWC 2024 can be attributed to its innovative approach and the significant impact of its solutions. The company’s tOS integrates high-resolution environmental data with advanced analytics to provide actionable insights for urban planning and climate resilience​​​​. This technology has proven to be effective in various applications, from optimizing cooling strategies in urban areas to enhancing public health and safety by reducing heat-related risks​​.

The distinguished panel of judges included industry leaders such as Divya Bathija, Chief Information Officer of Al Ghurair, and representatives from London Business School, KPMG, and Dubai Future District Fund. Startups were evaluated based on product innovation, potential impact, predictability, and team strength​​.

FortyGuard's collaborations with key industry players and academic institutions have also been pivotal in its journey. Partnerships with organizations like Google and Honeywell, and academic institutions such as New York University Abu Dhabi have bolstered its technological capabilities and market reach​​​​.

Receiving this recognition at the EWC marks a significant milestone for FortyGuard. CEO Jay Sadiq remarked, "This acknowledgment reaffirms our mission to transform urban climates and promote sustainability. We are committed to advancing our technology to create cooler, more livable cities"​​.

FortyGuard's success at the EWC 2024 reflects its growing influence in the field of climate technology. As the startup continues to innovate and expand, its contributions to sustainable urban development will play a crucial role in shaping the future of cities globally.

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