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FortyGuard Recognized in PwC’s Net Zero Future50 - Middle East Report

FortyGuard, an innovative leader in urban climate intelligence, is honored to announce its inclusion in the prestigious PwC Net Zero Future50 - Middle East report. This recognition places FortyGuard among the top 50 most innovative climate tech creators in the Middle East, identified for their significant impact on solving the climate crisis.

The PwC report highlights the vibrant range and diversity of climate innovation within the region and acknowledges the challenges entrepreneurs face in scaling their solutions. FortyGuard’s cloud-based AI tool, designed to provide enriched dynamic temperature insights, has been instrumental in advancing urban planning, energy optimization, and sustainable city development.

With its AI engine mapping 170 cities globally, FortyGuard offers near-surface temperature readings and detailed heat simulations that support energy savings calculations, material standardization, and net zero ESG reporting. This acknowledgment underscores FortyGuard’s commitment to leveraging advanced technologies for environmental resilience and sustainability.

FortyGuard's strategic alliances with universities, businesses, governments, and insurance companies, alongside its significant achievements and partnerships, exemplify its leading role in the climate technology sector. The company’s inclusion in this report comes ahead of the COP28 conference in the UAE, spotlighting FortyGuard’s contributions to the global dialogue on climate action and resilience.

FortyGuard is at the forefront of developing AI-powered solutions for urban temperature management, offering precise analytics and cooling strategies to combat the urban heat island effect. Committed to sustainability and innovation, FortyGuard's technology plays a critical role in enhancing urban resilience and public health. For further information about FortyGuard's mission and technology, visit

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