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Emirates Global Aluminium (EGA)

FortyGuard Secures Second Place at EGA Ramp-Up, Driving Industrial Sustainability Through Safety Innovation

In a significant stride towards integrating technology with sustainability, FortyGuard has been awarded second place at the EGA Ramp-Up event, a notable achievement that underscores the company’s innovative approach to enhancing industrial health and safety. The event is spearheaded by Emirates Global Aluminium (EGA) in collaboration with C3 – Companies Creating Change. EGA is the largest industrial company in the United Arab Emirates outside the oil and gas sector, and C3 is a UAE-based social enterprise that focuses on nurturing entrepreneurs whose innovations in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics drive sustainability across various industries. The collaboration between Emirates Global Aluminium, the UAE's industrial giant, and C3, a leader in entrepreneurial support, in organizing this event underscores its prestige, therefore spotlighting FortyGuard's accomplishment as a significant milestone in merging technology with sustainability within the global industrial landscape.

The EGA Ramp-Up program, renowned for its commitment to advancing entrepreneurial excellence and sustainability, evaluates startups that align with EGA’s strategic objectives for potential funding and inclusion in EGA’s procurement processes. This initiative is a cornerstone of EGA’s mission to bolster the UAE’s entrepreneurial ecosystem, under the auspices of the UAE Ministry of Economy.

FortyGuard's success at the EGA Ramp-Up event demonstrates the company's dedication to creating solutions that not only address safety concerns but also advance sustainability objectives, both at the industrial level. "This is a testament to the versatility of our Temperature Operating System, showing how well it can be tailored for industrial purposes, particularly in the health and safety sector," remarked Jay Sadiq, CEO of FortyGuard, reflecting on the company’s accomplishment.

Powered by C3, the EGA Ramp-Up programme plays a pivotal role in supporting impact-driven startups to become change agents. Through its comprehensive support network of trainers, experts, investors, and alumni, C3 empowers entrepreneurs in the Middle East, Africa, and Turkey to unlock their growth potential and maximize their positive impact on the community and the environment.

The distinguished panel of judges tasked with the challenging selection process comprised:

  • HE Tariq Bin Hendi, PhD, Senior Partner at Global Ventures

  • Jana Elkova, Strategy & Partnerships Expert at the UAE Ministry Of Economy

  • Lola Fernandez Flores, Senior Investment Associate at VentureSouq

  • Dr. Jasminka Jaksic, Senior Environmental and Sustainability Specialist at Emirates Global Aluminium

Their decision to honor FortyGuard with second place highlights the startup's impactful contribution to the industrial and safety sectors, reinforcing its potential for significant growth and development within the UAE's thriving entrepreneurship ecosystem.

As FortyGuard celebrates this prestigious recognition, the team remains committed to pursuing further innovations that contribute to safer, more sustainable industrial environments. This achievement at the EGA Ramp-Up event is not just a milestone for FortyGuard but also a beacon of inspiration for startups aiming to merge technological advancement with sustainable development.

About FortyGuard

FortyGuard is at the forefront of urban climate intelligence, offering advanced AI-powered solutions designed to revolutionize temperature management in urban and industrial settings. With a focus on sustainability and safety, FortyGuard is committed to transforming the way industries approach environmental challenges. Learn more about FortyGuard’s mission and technological innovations at

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