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AVPN Global Conference 2024

FortyGuard Showcases AI-Driven Urban Heat Management at AVPN Global Conference 2024

Abu Dhabi, UAE – At the AVPN Global Conference 2024, held in Abu Dhabi, UAE from April 23-25, FortyGuard demonstrated its leadership in climate technology with a showcase of its innovative AI-driven Temperature Operating System (tOS). The conference, under the theme "Uniting Asia for a Sustainable Future," provided a platform for FortyGuard to highlight its solutions in urban heat management to an international audience of policymakers, investors, and industry leaders.

Innovative Solutions for Urban Environments

FortyGuard's participation at AVPN focused on presenting its state-of-the-art tOS, which can provide extremely granular heatmaps, advanced analytics, and tailored actionable insights to enhance urban climate resilience. These tools are essential for city planners and businesses, enabling more effective management of urban heat and fostering more sustainable urban environments.

Strategic Engagements and Collaborations

Throughout the conference, FortyGuard engaged with a diverse group of global leaders in philanthropy, investment, and innovation, exploring opportunities for collaboration. These discussions were pivotal, aligning with FortyGuard’s strategic goals of expanding its technological influence across Asia and beyond, and leveraging collective expertise and resources to address urban climate challenges.

Commitment to Sustainable Development

The AVPN Global Conference was an opportune moment for FortyGuard to reaffirm its commitment to sustainable urban development. "Our technology is designed not just to manage urban temperatures but to transform urban areas into more livable, sustainable spaces," stated Jay Sadiq, CEO of FortyGuard. He emphasized the importance of integrating innovative solutions to achieve significant and lasting environmental impacts.

Looking Forward

The insights and connections gained at AVPN 2024 are set to enhance FortyGuard's strategies and initiatives, propelling further innovation and implementation of its cooling solutions in cities worldwide. FortyGuard continues to seek out strategic partnerships and collaborative projects that align with its mission to combat urban heat effectively.

About FortyGuard

FortyGuard is at the cutting edge of urban temperature intelligence, employing AI-powered technology to offer revolutionary solutions for cooling cities globally. Committed to sustainability and innovation, FortyGuard is pivotal in transforming urban environments for a cooler, more sustainable future.

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