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Cooling Solutions


Asset Optimization Intelligence

City insights providing OpEx enhancement for city streets, urban environment and utilities

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Material Science

Bespoke technical services to increase roadway strength and cooling efficiency


The solutions are made to optimize outcomes and affect actions through an intelligent process of sensing, platform and application integrations

By using computer vision to measure heat related to roadways, buildings and assets we can provide an interconnected view from data collected. This can be analyzed in multiple scenarios to optimize asset performance, while helping to predict improved future OpEx outcomes.

FortyGuard can deliver value across multiple functional areas like maintenance, energy consumption, urban space utilization and traffic management by analyzing information needed to design, build and run projects at any scale.

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Material Science is used in an intelligent manner by innovating existing mix design of roadway structures with existing coating materials

By working with our certified manufacturers, we provide a unique mix design that utilize material science, added to a surface (asphalt or concrete) at the mixing time; to allow the roadway deflect the solar energy from heating up the surface, and slow the re-radiation effect which regulates the ambient temperature.

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