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Software that identifies city hot spots and forecasts the dollar per square meter return that will be generated by the targeted application of FortyGuard’s proprietary industrial coating: FortyCoat. FortyWare monitors the positive impact of FortyCoat on Urban Heat Islands at a local level to enhance people’s experiences, prevent heat pandemics and highlight the cost of inaction. This provides better decision-making tools to policy makers and demonstrates the financial viability of climate possibilities.

How It Works

Data will be processed in multiple digital formats to assess the structure of the city, then presented in 2d & 3d visual formats to monitor urban targets, identify hot spots and potential sweet spots. This will reflect a measurable structure for our industrial coating application by identifying the operational simulation, then ultimately calculating for a dollar return.

The above-mentioned software solution is at the research and development stage, and it is an exclusive proprietary product and service that we have sole rights to test, apply, and commercialize through FortyGuard Holding Limited.

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