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IIndicative Figures

at $3.59bn 
Cool coatings (2019 Gradview Research)

at $6.5bn Traffic road marketing coating market is expected to reach by 2026 (Acumen Research & consulting)

at $9.89bn

The Market size for coatings (general) in the Middle East in 2019 (2019 Statista)


The market size is

at $156.2bn
Global Market size

at $10.1bn GCC Market size

In 2017 alone, the total Climate Finance flows reached a record high of



The market size is

at $4.2bn

UAE Active Market size

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FortyGuard™ can accelerate the UAE current targets in energy efficiency by


(8.28 years instead of 15)

All data presented are based on governmental / institutional reports published within the last 3 years and research conducted by FortyGuard to determine market insights.

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