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Shape Up

Data experts using cooling platform to reduce street level temperatures

Using sensing tech, an integrated software platform & insights from urban cooling capabilities, we can help steer the future of cities.

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We operate our remote temperature gathering tool to map city heat at a human level using existing taxi fleets, we then feed this data into our decision making platform which baselines heat in a graphic interface. 

This will identify footprints of elevated urban heat zones so we can strategically address unique heat patterns. Using Artificial Intelligence we aim to forecast and simulate city heat improvements in an illustrative manner.

The above-mentioned software solution is at the research and development stage, and it is an exclusive proprietary product and service that we have sole rights to test, apply, and commercialize through FortyGuard Holding Limited.

taxi_Sensory device-01.png


The remote data collection process is designed to gather local air temperature from human height utilizing taxi’s equipped with a sensory monitoring unit that will enable identification of data associated with roadways to 0.1 degree sensitivity.   Using satellite remote sensing, validated with this ground level data, our software will map and monitor heat radius to a meter accuracy within a subject city.

Concurrently, we utilize static sensory processes for localized small areas such as Gas Service Stations or school yards and use that data to calculate the energy requirements while comparing the same with the client specification to tailor our project costs.

In addition, we technically track how much energy enters and exits the current surface system, an accurate estimate of the rate at which the the surface is heating up to apply a tailored composition mix design to control and regulate this energy. The purpose is to make sure that the data is corresponding with temperature changes in the surface.

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