FortyCoat™ is a surface enhancement technology which acts as a lifetime application for existing and new roadway surfaces, to increase surface performance, regulate surface heat and control surface reflected heat.


The solution is tailored based on the surface specifications. Once applied, the compositions become part of the surface structure with no chemical emissions.

Coating Properties

Our compositions aresustainable, organic, includes by-products and made to serve the local and international standards protecting air and ground water sourced by rainfall.


Includes by-product

Compounded Benefits

Increases roadway lifespan and reduces cost of roadway maintenance

Enhances street safety and visibility

Reduces the use of building energy and emissions

Improves air quality

Extends optimal visitor months to support tourism during summer time

Improves human health and comfort 

Surface Performance Enhancement Benefits

High thermal stability

Thermal Conductivity 

High mechanical stability

Tailored for each surface

Cooler Core & Surface Temperature

Decomposes Viruses & Bacterials

Increases surface life span

Increase surface performance in high temperature

Reduces the use of building energy and emissions

Increase surface rutting resistance 

The above mentioned industrial coating solution is at research and development stage, and it is an exclusive proprietary product that we have sole rights to test, apply and commercialize through FortyGuard Holding Limited