FortyWare™ is an urban mapping tool that detects UHIs and forecasts dollar return per square meter of our material technology deployed.


The platform also monitors local heat conditions utilizing Artificial Intelligence (AI) to prevent future heat stress. Baseline temperatures will be recorded by a remote FortySense™ fleet. 


Using this UHI data, we identify optimal zones for maximum city improvements and ensure the ability to make corrections where required.

The above-mentioned software solution is at the research and development stage, and it is an exclusive proprietary product and service that we have sole rights to test, apply, and commercialize through FortyGuard Holding Limited.

FortySense™ is a remote data collection process designed to gather local air temperature from human height utilizing taxi’s equipped with a FortySense monitoring unit that will enable identification of data associated with roadways to 0.1 degree sensitivity. 


Using satellite remote sensing, validated with this ground level data, FortyWare™ will map and monitor heat island radius to a meter accuracy within a subject city.