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Welcome to the forefront of urban environmental analytics. FortyEngine harnesses the power of cloud-based AI to turn urban temperature data into actionable intelligence. Our proprietary technology captures, analyzes, and delivers precise insights through a seamless fusion of sophisticated data gathering and intelligent AI analysis.

Step into the future with us, where smart data empowers smarter cities.

FortyEngine 3 Stages
FortyEngine’s 3 Stages
1. Gathering Data

We start with data collection to capture the most precise urban temperature readings. This stage lays the groundwork for a detailed thermal analysis, essential for understanding complex urban climates.

2. AI Analysis

Next, our AI algorithms analyze the data, providing personalized insights.

We transform raw numbers into predictive models and actionable recommendations, offering a clear perspective on urban temperature trends.

3. Data Delivery

Finally, we deliver insights through reports and maps.

Our interactive tools ensure that users can access and understand the evolving temperature data, empowering them with the information they need, when they need it.


What is Cloud-Based AI?

Cloud-based AI forms the backbone of the FortyEngine, facilitating each of its three core stages: from the Data Gathering, where cloud infrastructure supports our data acquisition, through the Intelligent AI Analysis, which utilizes cloud computing power to process and translate data into actionable insights, to the Data Delivery, ensuring that reports and maps are seamlessly delivered to clients. This integration allows FortyEngine to offer scalable, cost-efficient, and accessible urban temperature analytics to drive smarter decision-making.

What is Cloud-Based AI
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