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Electric Vehicles

Our Temperature Operating System "tOS" redefines electric vehicle (EV) management, offering advanced heat mapping and predictive modeling to enhance EV routing, battery longevity, and efficiency. 

Enterprise API Use Cases

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Electric Vehicles .png

This platform provides EVs with optimized routing strategies that consider urban heat and traffic data, reducing maintenance needs and improving battery performance.


With tOS, EV manufacturers and drivers gain valuable insights for heat-adaptive navigation and sustainable journey planning, making it an essential tool for the future of green urban transportation.

Enterprise API Use Cases

Available in the US only starting July 2024. The Enterprise API caters to Electric Vehicles (EVs) by optimizing routing for enhanced battery longevity and reduced maintenance. It intelligently combines traffic and urban heat data to guide EVs along the most efficient paths, considering both distance and temperature impacts. This approach not only prolongs battery life but also integrates seamlessly with vehicle data from OEMs, ensuring personalized routing that respects data privacy. Through dynamic, heat-adaptive navigation, the API promotes sustainable EV usage, aligning with goals for greener, more efficient urban transportation.


Optimized EV Routing

By integrating temperature data, the API allows for routing that combines the shortest path with lower urban heat areas, optimizing battery usage and extending longevity.


Battery Efficiency Analysis

The API can analyze temperature impacts on battery efficiency, guiding EVs along routes that minimize overheating and reduce maintenance needs.


Heat-Adaptive Navigation

Utilizes urban heat data alongside traffic information to provide heat-adaptive route suggestions, enhancing battery performance and vehicle durability.


Sustainable EV Journey Planning

Encourages longer battery life and less frequent maintenance by dynamically adjusting routes in real-time based on comprehensive temperature and traffic data analysis


OEM Data Integration

Supports secure integration with OEM car data to tailor routing based on specific vehicle characteristics and battery health, ensuring optimal performance while safeguarding data privacy.

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