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Real Estate Asset Managers

Our Temperature Operating System "tOS" emerges as an essential platform for property portfolio management, leveraging real-time environmental data monitoring and predictive analytics to assess heat risks and develop maintenance strategies.

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Enterprise API Use Cases

Real Estate Asset Managers 2
Real Estate Asset Managers

This innovative tool utilizes computer vision analysis to evaluate microclimate conditions, including shading, airflow, and temperature gradients, crucial for tenant comfort and cost-efficient maintenance. By focusing on climate-related risks and their impact on properties, tOS not only aids in crafting effective upkeep strategies but also significantly improves the living conditions for tenants, making it a vital asset in property management. It guides the improvement to provide better thermal comfort to pedestrians. This enhancement extends beyond mere environmental benefits, as it also bolsters the economics of retail, boosts property values, and optimizes operations, thereby offering a comprehensive solution that intertwines tenant well-being with economic advantages.

Dashboard Use Cases - available April 2024

Real Estate Asset Managers can enhance property management and investment strategies using the dashboard's advanced temperature analytics. It offers insights into energy efficiency, tenant comfort, risk management, property valuation, and market positioning. These capabilities enable proactive decision-making, sustainability integration, and climate resilience improvement in real estate portfolios, ensuring properties meet the evolving demands of tenants and investors in a changing climate.


Property Temperature Insights

Real Estate Asset Managers can leverage detailed temperature classification data visualized on interactive maps for comprehensive property analysis, enabling seamless integration of insights with property management tools.


Enhanced Stakeholder Reports

Generate and share customizable, data-rich reports directly from the dashboard to stakeholders, providing a comprehensive view of temperature resilience and asset analytics for informed decision-making.


Visual Analytics for Property Assessment

Access visual analytics for a holistic view of properties, supporting strategic planning, and value enhancement initiatives based on temperature data insights.


Tenant Comfort Analytics

The dashboard can provide analysis on temperature trends which can be used to ensure tenant comfort by adjusting heating and cooling strategies.


Sustainable Property Development

Use the dashboard to inform sustainable development practices, integrating temperature data to guide the design and implementation of green building standards and urban cooling solutions.


Risk Management

Utilize temperature data visualizations to identify properties at risk from extreme temperatures, enabling proactive maintenance and risk mitigation strategies.


Market Positioning

Use temperature data to market properties as climate-resilient, appealing to eco-conscious tenants and buyers.


Investment Strategy Optimization

Inform investment strategies with temperature resilience data, prioritizing investments in areas less affected by urban heat islands.

Enterprise API Use Cases

Available in the US only starting July 2024, these specific API uses illustrate how tOS empowers Real Estate Asset Managers to automate and integrate advanced temperature and environmental data analysis into their existing workflows, thereby enhancing property value, mitigating risks, improving maintenance, and ensuring tenant comfort more efficiently.


Real Estate Asset Managers can use their custom API to programmatically download temperature classification data or push data for analytics on their local data systems without the need for a GIS system or map. This enables a seamless integration of insights with internal property management and analysis tools.

Data Export and Integration


Energy Consumption Analysis

The API allows for the connection of temperature data with internal systems tracking energy consumption. By overlaying this data, managers can identify with analytical outcomes the correlations between temperature variations and energy use, facilitating targeted energy efficiency improvements via custom generated decision making generative outcomes.


Stakeholder Communication

The custom API facilitates the automatic generation and sharing of insights, reports, and visualizations directly from tOS to the systems used by stakeholders (those with access as users to the client’s platform), such as investors or property occupants through their dashboards or Apps. This ensures that all parties have access to the latest temperature resilience data and asset analytics for their properties at near real time or within designed timelines.


Customizable Reporting

Through the API, Real Estate Asset Managers can generate customizable, data-rich reports that provide a comprehensive view of temperature related insights. These reports can be tailored to the specific interests of diverse audiences, enhancing communication and decision-making processes, and allowing for the generation of URL linked dashboards, PDFs, or interactive customizable maps.

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