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Health Analytics

Our Temperature Operating System "tOS" emerges as an essential tool for Health Analytics, extending beyond conventional data analysis to offer advanced heat mapping and predictive modeling. 

Enterprise API Use Cases

More Cases

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This system is pivotal for developing personalized healthcare strategies, especially for vulnerable populations such as individuals with chronic diseases, pregnant women, cancer patients, and diabetics. tOS provides real-time environmental health insights, including microclimate condition alerts and safe zone identifications, significantly enhancing health management and preventive care.

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By integrating tOS analytics, healthcare professionals can deliver more targeted and effective health interventions, making it a cornerstone in personalized health analytics and patient care optimization.

Enterprise API Use Cases

Available in the US only starting July 2024. The Health Analytics for Vulnerable Populations use case leverages the Enterprise API to provide vital environmental health insights, offering real-time temperature, safe zone identifications, and tailored health advisories based on microclimate conditions. This innovative approach enhances health management for individuals with chronic conditions, pregnant women, cancer patients, and diabetics by advising on safer environments and minimizing exposure risks. It represents a significant step forward in personalized healthcare, utilizing environmental data to protect and improve the health outcomes of vulnerable groups in the community.


Personalized Climate Alerts

The API offers real-time notifications about microclimate conditions that could adversely affect individuals with chronic diseases, pregnant women, cancer patients, and diabetics, advising them on areas to avoid.


Safe Zone Identification

Utilize the API to identify and suggest safe zones where vulnerable individuals can stay without the risk of adverse health effects from the current microclimate.


Health Advisory Services

Provide health advisories based on microclimate data, tailoring recommendations for outdoor activities and exposure for people with health vulnerabilities.


Community Health Mapping

Utilize the API to map community health trends against microclimate data, identifying areas with higher health risks for focused public health interventions


Environmental Health Tracking

The API can track environmental conditions and their impact on health over time, enabling long-term health management and preventive care strategies for individuals with chronic conditions.

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