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The story of our name


The distance between the Earth’s surface and the ozone layer is about  40km

The ozone layer is
Guard to the Earth’s surface

That’s why we call it FortyGuard

The story of our name

FortyGuard was launched in 2020 out of Hub71 - Abu Dhabi. We are a team of outdoor temperature experts creating the tools to dispense high-resolution temperature data and personalized environmental solutions.

Incorporated at Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM), we work with both the public and the private sector to produce impactful environmental solutions. We have been featured by Forbes and endorsed by numerous international organizations for our innovation.

Our cutting-edge technology, named FortyEngine, is the new brain of temperature. The FortyGuard technology team is harnessing the power of machine learning to tackle the biggest contributor to the exacerbation of climate change. In today’s digital world, data is crucial; what gets measured gets upgraded and financed. Accordingly, we believe that the most effective cooling innovations will be made possible by understanding the intricacies of temperature data.

Our journey
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