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The story of our name


The distance between the Earth’s surface and the ozone layer is about  40km

The ozone layer is
Guard to the Earth’s surface

That’s why we call it FortyGuard

The story of our name

FortyGuard started in 2020 our of Hub71, Abu Dhabi. We are experts in outdoor temperature smart location data and we offer correlated solutions related to environmental and energy data. Incorporated at Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM), we are proudly featured by Forbes and endorsed by many international organizations for bringing solutions with impact by working with the government and private sector.

FortyGuard technology team is building the FortyEngine; the brain of temperature to help develop ML platform solutions and tackle the biggest contribution to the rapid increase of Climate Change, temperatures. Data in today’s digital and connected world is crucial, and we believe that what gets measured gets financed and improved, and the best cooling innovations can come from the understanding of temperature data.

Our journey
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