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Municipality Committee Master Planner

Our Temperature Operating System "tOS" offers a cutting-edge solution for Municipality Committee Master Planners, delivering unparalleled heat mapping and predictive analytics to enhance urban planning and development.

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Enterprise API Use Cases

Municipality Master Planner

It equips planners with detailed insights into urban temperatures, facilitating informed decisions on infrastructure placement, green space allocation, and citywide sustainability initiatives. With tOS, planners can navigate the complexities of urban heat islands and climate adaptation strategies more effectively.

Municipality Master Planner

By leveraging tOS analytics, Municipality Committee Master Planners can ensure that urban development projects are aligned with environmental sustainability goals, enhancing the livability and resilience of communities.

Dashboard Use Cases - available April 2024

The Dashboard offers a visual and interactive platform for Master Planners to strategically navigate urban development challenges. It enables the visualization of urban heat data to optimize the placement of new developments and improve public spaces and transportation routes for thermal comfort. Additionally, it serves as a tool for engaging with the community, allowing planners to present data-driven proposal, ensuring informed decision-making and enhanced urban livability.


Urban & Residential Development Planning

By utilizing the dashboard, planners can analyze temperature data and urban heat maps to make informed decisions on the location of new residential buildings, enhancing urban climate resilience.


Transportation System Design

The dashboard enables planners to identify cooler areas and plan transportation networks, promoting sustainable and comfortable mobility solutions.


Public Space Enhancement

Leverage the dashboard for optimizing the design of public spaces, ensuring they offer thermal comfort and support community well-being.


Community Engagement in Planning

Engage with the community through the dashboard by sharing visualizations and then gathering feedback for inclusive urban development.


Urban Planning Simulation

Use the dashboard to assess infrastructure vulnerability to heat, guiding the development of resilient urban environments.

Enterprise API Use Cases

Available in the US only starting July 2024, the API facilitates Municipality Committee Master Planners in harnessing detailed environmental and temperature data to inform critical urban development decisions. Planners can pinpoint ideal locations for residential areas and transportation networks, ensuring energy efficiency and commuter comfort. Furthermore, it supports sustainable infrastructure planning by assessing potential heat mitigation impacts, enabling data-driven, environmentally conscious urban development strategies.


The API facilitates the integration of temperature data with urban planning tools, aiding in the strategic development of heat mitigation projects

Data-Driven Urban Analysis


Sustainable Project Evaluation

Utilize the API to assess the potential impact of proposed projects on urban temperatures, supporting sustainable development initiatives.


Community Engagement and Feedback

The API can be used to gather and analyze temperature data for community engagement platforms, informing citizens and gathering feedback on urban planning proposals.


Long-Term Urban Planning

Access historical and predictive temperature data through the API to inform long-term planning and climate adaptation strategies.


Infrastructure Efficiency Modeling

The API can be utilized to model the efficiency of proposed infrastructure in mitigating urban heat, supporting energy-efficient urban planning.

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