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FortyGuard Debuts Revolutionary Temperature Operating System at NVIDIA GTC

In an exhilarating moment at the NVIDIA Global Technology Conference (GTC) in San Jose, California, FortyGuard unveiled its cutting-edge Temperature Operating System (tOS), a pioneering technological solution designed to provide accurate, granular, and detailed temperature analytics and insights spanning entire cities. With the spotlight on FortyGuard, the introduction of tOS to the audience at the world's largest AI event was not only a demonstration of FortyGuard’s technological prowess, but also a tribute to the tireless efforts of a dedicated team comprising machine learning experts, AI researchers, software engineers, and climate scientists. This team has worked with tremendous devotion to deliver a platform that makes temperature intelligence easily accessible to a wide range of diverse stakeholders.

Introducing the Temperature Operating System (tOS)

tOS represents a paradigm shift in how urban temperatures are analyzed and managed. This comprehensive, AI-driven system is engineered to facilitate seamless interactions across various applications, marking a transformative approach to urban temperature analysis. The platform especially stands out for its ability to cater to a wide spectrum of temperature-related applications, providing a robust solution for both existing and emerging needs in temperature management and analysis.

Showcasing Large Temperature Models (LTMs)

A highlight of the presentation was the introduction of the world's first dedicated Large Temperature Models (LTMs) by FortyGuard. These LTMs offer advanced, comprehensive insights into the dynamics of urban heat, a critical component for sustainable city planning and informed decision-making. By harnessing a diverse range of data sources and excelling in the prediction of temperature patterns on a grand scale, the LTMs showcased at NVIDIA GTC provide detailed analyses that unlock the intricate insights needed to understand and mitigate urban heat effectively.

Temperature as a Service (TaaS): A Game-Changing Model

Equally innovative was the introduction of the Temperature as a Service (TaaS) model, a flexible, service-based approach to temperature analysis. This model, designed to empower eco-conscious, data-driven decision-making, provides clients with sophisticated temperature analytics in an accessible format for just $500 monthly. TaaS represents a significant stride in making advanced temperature analysis tools available without the necessity of in-house technological development, fostering smarter, more sustainable urban planning.

Elevating Urban Climate Intelligence

The unveiling of the Temperature Operating System (tOS) at such a distinguished event as NVIDIA GTC not only highlights FortyGuard’s commitment to driving innovation in the field of urban climate intelligence but also emphasizes the company's role in the global movement towards sustainability. By presenting a system that integrates pioneering technology with practical, service-based solutions like TaaS, FortyGuard is not just providing tools for today's urban challenges but is paving the way for sustainable development worldwide, offering cities, businesses, and communities the essential tools they need to tackle urban heat challenges effectively. This presentation marks a historic milestone in FortyGuard's journey, underscoring the role of AI in crafting a cooler, more sustainable future for urban environments.

About FortyGuard

FortyGuard is at the forefront of urban climate intelligence, offering advanced AI-powered solutions designed to revolutionize temperature management in urban and industrial settings. With a focus on sustainability and safety, FortyGuard is committed to transforming the way industries approach environmental challenges. Learn more about FortyGuard’s mission and technological innovations at

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