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On a mission to cool down cities

We are pioneering the future of urban climate intelligence. Our advanced AI platform is transforming granular temperature data into actionable insights for a diverse range of stakeholders – from urban planners, engineers or even other tech platforms. FortyGuard is redefining environmental analysis, turning complex data into a canvas of insights for safer, smarter, and more sustainable cities.


Revolutionizing Urban Climate Intelligence with Pioneering Pulse Technology - Mapping the Heat Fabric of Cities

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Cooling cities, transforming futures. Welcome to FortyGuard, an Abu Dhabi-born innovator pioneering urban temperature intelligence.

Initially a material science company, we soon realized that the true challenge lies in data. 

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Today, our sophisticated team, composed of AI, ML, and Software Engineers globally, and backed by recognized advisors, mentors, strategic investors, and international partners, is crafting a revolutionary AI-powered Engine by offering a comprehensive suite of temperature-related technologies and services. We are leaders in Artificial Intelligence for urban heat because our intelligence is not artificial; our ambition is to transform this into the world’s first Temperature Operating System "tOS". Designed to perceive and interact with urban heat through digital and seamless access to technology, we harness advanced analytics and high-resolution data.

Our services empower industries and governments in creating Large Temperature Models "LTMs", providing our clients with smarter, sustainable decisions, all underpinned by our well-articulated Temperature as a Service "TaaS" business model. Join us in shaping cooler, more livable cities for tomorrow.

The story of our name


Temperature Operating System (tOS)

Introducing tOS: the backbone of FortyGuard's pioneering endeavor. This comprehensive, integrated system leverages AI to revolutionize urban temperature analysis, facilitating interaction across various applications. It's a transformative approach to temperature management and analysis, providing a robust platform for various temperature-related applications and uses.

The Earth

The distance between the Earth’s surface and the ozone layer is about 40km

The ozone layer is a Guard to the Earth’s surface

That’s why we call it FortyGuard


Large Temperature Models (LTMs)

Experience the world's first dedicated Large Temperature Models "LTMs" with FortyGuard. Our LTMs deliver advanced, comprehensive insights into urban heat dynamics, critical for sustainable planning and informed decision-making. Designed to harness a variety of data sources, these models excel in predicting temperature patterns on a grand scale, offering intricate and extensive data analysis to unlock detailed temperature dynamics insights.

Temperature as a Service (TaaS)

Discover TaaS: a flexible, service-based approach to temperature analysis. Our model empowers eco-conscious, data-driven decision-making by providing clients with sophisticated temperature analytics in an accessible format. With TaaS, you gain the benefits of advanced temperature analysis tools without the necessity of in-house technological development, allowing for smarter, more sustainable urban planning.


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Jay Sadiq

Message from the Founder & CEO



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