Data experts using a cooling platform to reduce street-level city temperatures

FortyGuard provides a turnkey service to enhance human comfort and optimize urban energy through advanced sensing technology, predictive analytics and material science


We sense, model & predict the impact of our urban cooling solutions

Using sensing tech, an integrated software platform & insights from urban cooling capabilities, we can help steer the future of cities

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Sensing as a Service

Baseline the heat levels using outdoor privacy-free data 

Using existing lightweight managed sensing techniques and unique software APIs to remotely gather data and identify areas of elevated temperature

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Model data intelligently to visualize the problem and inform the solution on the ground 

Identify city heat patterns in a graphic interface and predictive models to steer placement of heat mitigation techniques across urban structures


Cooling Solutions

Urban optimization and bespoke technical services to increase outdoor cooling efficiency

Maximizing exiting outdoor urban cooling capacity and providing roadway treatment with bespoke material technology to enhance surface performance

Create insights from your own data 

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Model existing data

Insights for profitability of assets & operations.

Our SaaS platform measures outdoor districts, enabling asset owners to assess heat cost impact on utility bills, human comfort & health. 


Problems We Solve

We understand energy and heat requirements to optimize measurable solutions in a cost effective manner with predictable returns

FortyGuard provides analysis of risk weighted returns for client’s outdoor infrastructure investments, by demonstrating high saving potentials and positive ROI. Our efficient heat data processing evaluates the digitally guided solutions from variable inputs that supply to variable demands.


"FortyGuard is established around the scale of humans 'feeling of health'. Our people pursued their vision and strategy by engaging the market and working backwards to innovate high-end services. Funded by passion, our long-term high-reward models are shaping a future of countless possibilities."

Jihad Sadiq