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On a mission to cool cities

We are outdoor temperature experts, building a cloud-based AI tool to provide access to enriched temperature insights for dynamic and personalized visuals

Granular outdoor temperature smart location solutions at scale

Globally providing more accurate data & insights up to 1m2 / 1 minute

Our uniqueness
Our technology

We are building the brain of temperature.

An AI cloud-based platform called FortyEngine

Data Gathering

Granular urban location-based temperature readings

We are monetizing existing real-time passive data sources globally available for you

• Making sure all data is compliant and secure for all access and use

Dynamic AI

Analytics customized to specific needs

• Thermal analytics & smart queries in automation
Training adaptive intelligent models
Personalized environmental insights for everyone

Delivery Solutions

Detailed visualizations with advanced features

• Customize your own reports & dashboards

Get 3D & 2D dynamic maps
• Connect our APIs & GIS storage to stream live data
• Supports web & mobile apps

Accurate data for informed decisions

Heat map your city today!

Hyperlocal mobile sensing data with proprietary analysis to report on thermal conditions for urban design that is integrated with the city GIS 

Heat map your city
Our advanced features

Customized AI Visuals & GIS data

Interactive dashboard integrated with GIS systems providing 2D & 3D mapped data with cooling insights to guide for resilient developments, profitable cities & efficient industrial operations

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Detailed Heat Assessments

OurTech-Icons-NEW-_Artboard 8.png


Environmental Analytics

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Technical cooling Insights

9 people die globally due to heat-related conditions every 1min

(The Guardian, Jul 2021)

Temperatures are raising but there is no data to benchmark the problem & provide measurable solutions

Temperatures can vary by 15˚C in a city using smart location data

Architects & engineers don’t have data to guide design with cooler outdoors & safer industrial operations

City managers pay for expensive sensors & operations to get static temperature heat-map

Geospatial companies can’t develop GIS temperature applications with satellites data only

The remedy for a pain
Our Partners

‘Temperature data drives value for resilient cities’

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