Outdoor temperature experts using global data for granular heatmaps

FortyGuard is on a mission to cool cities.

We believe what gets measured, gets improved and the best solutions come from understanding data


There are no street level thermal maps for cities today

Monetizing existing outdoor temperatures with high accuracy compared to satellite using anonymized, encrypted sources


Granular urban temperature readings at human levels

One-off maps, or API’s for thermal layers of historical, realtime & predictive temperatures for integration with exiting maps


Temperature data delivered with maps

Providing 2D thermal application ready maps as a finished product (for users without an interface for integration)


Maps with advanced features and analytics

Higher-level APIs which clients can use to reach their current and future geographic sector specific objectives

Accurate data for informed decisions

Enabling data for consumers

We develop temperature heatmaps distributed through global mapping providers, down to local accuracy to serve as a measurement tool in the hands of the consumer


Temperature data around the world is collected every second and for close to every 1 sqm, but no one is using it

FortyGuard is monetizing temperature data to create a measurement tool enabling guided decisions

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Reduced cost of data acquisition

Complete desktop service with zero outdoor operations

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Temperature data

Multiple anonymized data (weather-free) sources for less complexity and higher accuracy

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Increased data utility

Ability to correlate mass data using strategic tools across various customer segments


With over 400 cities globally suffering from soaring temperatures, we envision becoming the largest temperature mapping tool 

By providing visualizations of granular readings (up to 1 sqm) at almost zero cost, we help to grasp the impact of urban heat on communities internationally, actively contributing to heat resilience and climate readiness for existing and planned cities

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"FortyGuard is established around the scale of people 'feeling of health'. We pursued our vision and strategy by engaging the market and working backwards to innovate high-end simple services. Funded by passion, our long-term high-reward models are shaping a future of countless possibilities."

Jay Sadiq

Founder & CVO

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’Temperature data drives value for adaptable, smarter cities’