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Jay Sadiq
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Message from the Founder & CEO

Welcome to FortyGuard,


It's my pleasure to introduce you to a vision born out of necessity, sculpted by innovation, and powered by a dedicated team of Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Software Engineers, along with scientists who've worked tirelessly to bring temperature intelligence to the fingertips of people's daily lives. For us, there's truly nothing more satisfying than saving lives and making our planet a better place through the work we do. This spirit drives us and continually motivates us to redouble our efforts in solving one of the world's most pressing issues today: heat.


Throughout our journey at FortyGuard, it became clear that the battle against urban heat is fundamentally a data problem, and from this realization, FortyGuard’s new focus was born. Our goal is to become the “Google of temperature” such that virtually anyone interested in acquiring temperature data, analytics, and insights can easily get to their required solution through our platform. Not only are we making this information available and easily accessible, we are also providing customized solutions to fit our clients’ unique cooling needs perfectly.

We've seen the transformative impact of our work firsthand. By assisting cities in identifying hotspots and understanding the factors contributing to urban heat, we enable them to devise the most effective cooling strategies. Our approach saves time and money by eliminating the need for physical temperature data collection, allowing immediate visualization of temperature information for better decision-making.


Looking ahead, our team is as hopeful as it is ambitious in exploring new avenues through which we can increase our impact. The plan is to expand our services globally, partnering with cities in the United States, Europe, and Asia to deliver projects that address the urban heating effect in these cities. We want FortyGuard technology to have the potential to inform a wide variety of applications, from guiding pedestrians on cooler routes to assisting urban planners in creating thermally optimized environments, we’ll also be looking into providing these functionalities to different platforms so our technology can be used wherever and by whomever it is needed.

FortyGuard's mission is clear: combating urban heating and making cities more livable. We are committed to utilizing AI to understand and mitigate the effects of the urban heat island phenomenon. By providing cities with actionable insights, we empower them to take meaningful steps towards sustainability.


I invite you to join us on this journey that was carefully designed and built by a dedicated team that has worked tremendously hard for many years to achieve this remarkable breakthrough in temperature intelligence. Whether you're a city planner, a business leader, or simply someone who cares about the future of our cities, FortyGuard offers tools and insights to make a tangible difference. Together, we can transform our urban environments into cooler, more sustainable spaces for future generations to thrive.


Thank you for visiting FortyGuard. Let's build a cooler, more sustainable future together.



Jay Sadiq

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