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A Testament to Technical Excellence

FortyGuard’s Temperature Operating System "tOS" sets a new standard in environmental analysis with its exceptional approach to capturing outdoor temperatures. Our platform is distinguished by its unparalleled spatial resolution capabilities, which range from 0.0001 to 0.001 degrees in horizontal measurements. This level of detail in spatial resolution significantly surpasses the industry standard, positioning our tOS at the forefront of the market.

In terms of vertical accuracy, our tOS demonstrates remarkable precision, offering ground-level altitude accuracy between 0.5 and 10 meters. This aspect is particularly crucial for urban heat analysis, a key focus of our platform. By capturing such precise vertical data, we are able to provide insights that are not only accurate but also deeply informative for urban climate intelligence.

Data Source Diversity

We harness the power of collaboration by working closely with various third-party partners. This collaboration enables us to access a diverse range of data sources, further enriching the quality of our temperature and other data. Our commitment to diversity in data sources underpins the robustness and comprehensiveness of our analytics.


Our Process of Data Quality:

The retrieved data from the data providers goes through a rigorous system of quality processing techniques by making sure it is cleaned and processed before it is used in our platform for analytics and insights. Following are some of the different preprocessing techniques and checks applied on this data

Data Source Diversity

Our Temperature Operating System "tOS" performs a range of validation and quality checks. These checks encompass range checking, consistency checking, time series analysis, and cross-validation with other data sets. Such thorough vetting processes are crucial to maintaining the integrity and reliability of the data we collect.

Analytics and Insights

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Dashboard: Comprehensive Urban Climate Analytics & Insights

The Dashboard on our Temperature Operating System "tOS" uniquely combines advanced analytics with insightful interpretations, serving as the epicenter of urban climate intelligence. Within this integrated platform, users access both detailed analytics and contextual insights. It presents interactive temperature maps, combined street and satellite view analytics, and thermal comfort analysis, offering a rich tapestry of real-time and historical urban climate data. Simultaneously, the dashboard seamlessly transitions this data into meaningful insights, highlighting key trends and observations crucial for urban thermal comfort and sustainability. This holistic approach ensures that users are not only presented with comprehensive data but are also guided towards actionable strategies and informed decision-making for enhancing urban environments.

Dynamic Temperature Maps

Our Temperature Operating System “tOS” provides interactive temperature maps which are designed to present a deep understanding of urban temperature variations, facilitating effective urban planning and environmental management.

Time and Money

Time Efficiency and Historical Data Analysis:

A key aspect of our offering is not just saving users' time, but essentially 'offering them time'. We achieve this by providing a wealth of temporal data, thereby eliminating the need for users to visit sites themselves for information gathering. This comprehensive access spans historical, near real-time, and predictive future data, all readily available through our platform. By offering this extensive range of temporal data, users can effortlessly study past trends, understand the current climate scenario, and make informed predictions about future environmental conditions. This convenience significantly streamlines their efforts in urban climate intelligence, enhancing efficiency and decision-making.

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Affordability and Cost-Effectiveness


At the core of FortyGuard’s mission is the commitment to affordability. We achieve this by:


Data Acquisition Strategy

Collaborating with numerous and large number of data partners helps us secure competitive costs for the data we acquire on behalf of our clients. This strategy ensures that our clients have access to high-quality data without incurring excessively high expenses.

Optimized Data Delivery

We are constantly refining our data delivery mechanisms within our Operating System. By enhancing the efficiency of our data distribution, we ensure that our clients receive the most value for their investment.

Computing Infrastructure and LTMs

Our partnerships with leading infrastructure providers play a pivotal role in our ability to develop  Large Temperature Models (LTMs) that are both dynamic and cost-effective. These collaborations:

Enable Cost-Effective Model Building

By leveraging our partners' infrastructure, we can build sophisticated models without passing on high costs to our users.

Ensure Affordability

Our approach to model development and data processing is designed with affordability in mind, ensuring that our quality solutions remain accessible to a wide range of users.

Comprehensive and Affordable Solutions

FortyGuard is not just a technology provider; we are a partner in solving complex technological challenges with a focus on usability. Our ongoing commitment is reflected in our day-to-day operations, where we solve technological complexity while tackling intricate technological problems, we maintain a user-centric approach, ensuring that our solutions are not only advanced but also user-friendly. We build for usability at scale, our technology is developed with scalability and usability as fundamental principles, making our solutions practical and applicable in diverse scenarios.

Operating System and API Integration

In our quest to provide maximum flexibility to our users, we are developing a Temperature Operating System "tOS" that enables interactive data analytics and supports API integration. This tOS allows users to interact seamlessly with their data, facilitating a deeper and more intuitive understanding of analytics. Additionally, users have the freedom to integrate our platform with their own applications or systems, enhancing the interoperability and practical utility of our Operating System.

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