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Cooler Routing

Our Temperature Operating System "tOS" is redefining navigation with its Cooler Routing feature, merging advanced heat mapping and predictive modeling to optimize travel paths for thermal comfort.

Enterprise API Use Cases

More Cases

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This innovative approach enhances urban mobility, allowing for route optimization that considers both efficiency and temperature, ensuring a more comfortable journey in hot conditions.


By integrating tOS analytics, navigation systems can offer travelers smarter, health-conscious travel options, making cooler routing an essential tool for improving urban living and promoting sustainable, comfortable travel choices.

Enterprise API Use Cases

Available in the US only starting July 2024. Leveraging temperature data for planning cooler walking or traveling paths offers a novel approach to urban mobility and health. By integrating temperature analytics into navigation systems, routes can be optimized not just for distance but also for thermal comfort. This dual-path optimization ensures travelers can choose shorter or cooler routes, enhancing comfort during hot weather and promoting healthier, more sustainable urban travel options. It's a forward-thinking solution that is joined with the convenience of climate awareness, potentially transforming how we navigate urban spaces.


Thermal Comfort Pathfinding

By using the API, developers can integrate temperature data into navigation systems, enabling the selection of routes optimized for thermal comfort alongside traditional metrics like distance or time.


Adaptive Route Suggestions

The API allows for near real-time adjustment of route suggestions based on current temperature conditions, offering travelers options between the coolest and the quickest paths.


Heat Risk Alerts

Through the API, navigation applications can provide heat risk alerts along planned routes, suggesting safer, cooler alternatives when high temperatures are detected.


Urban Heat Analysis for Route Mapping

The API enables the analysis of urban heat island effects to guide the development of cooler, more comfortable routes, particularly in urban areas vulnerable to high temperatures.


Personalized Travel Planning

By leveraging the API, users can customize their routing preferences to prioritize thermal comfort, tailoring navigation to individual health and wellness needs.

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