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Property Listing

Our Temperature Operating System "tOS" revolutionizes property listings for real estate professionals, delivering not only advanced heat mapping but also predictive modeling capabilities that are vital for detailed analysis of microclimate conditions around properties. 

Enterprise API Use Cases

More Cases

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Property Listing .png

This sophisticated system enables real estate asset managers and developers to enrich property listings with invaluable insights, from current microclimate conditions to predictive energy demand and maintenance cost analyses.


By integrating tOS analytics, real estate professionals can provide potential buyers with a deeper understanding of the property's environment, ensuring more informed decisions and enhancing the property search experience with critical environmental and financial insights.

Enterprise API Use Cases

Available in the US only starting July 2024. The Enterprise API transforms property listings by integrating microclimate insights, offering a comprehensive analysis of energy demands and maintenance costs for potential real estate investments. Our models will consider various factors such as property type, HVAC systems, solar exposure, and building facade to provide detailed predictions on living expenses. Tailored specifically for different property types and their unique characteristics, this tool empowers buyers with critical data to make informed decisions, enhancing the property search experience with valuable environmental and financial insights.


Microclimate Insights

The API provides detailed microclimate data around properties, enriching listings with current conditions and predictive insights on energy demand and maintenance costs.


Maintenance Cost Analysis

Our model will factor in property type, HVAC systems, and solar exposure to predict how microclimatic conditions will impact maintenance costs, offering valuable insights to buyers.


Solar Exposure Assessment

The API assesses solar exposure based on the building's facade, providing crucial data for energy efficiency and sustainability considerations.


Energy Demand Prediction

Utilize the API to forecast the energy needs of a property based on its microclimate, helping potential buyers understand future expenses.


Custom Insights for Property Types

Tailor insights specifically to the property type—whether a home, townhouse, villa, or apartment—considering the size, occupancy, and who pays utility bills for a comprehensive understanding of living costs.

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