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Home Energy Devices

Our Temperature Operating System "tOS" revolutionizes home energy management for smart devices, providing advanced heat mapping and predictive analytics to optimize climate control and energy efficiency. 

Enterprise API Use Cases

More Cases

Home Energy Devices.png
Home Energy Devices .png

This system empowers homeowners to proactively adjust heating and cooling based on specific microclimates, enhancing comfort while reducing energy consumption.


tOS's predictive insights allow for smarter, adaptive climate control, making it an essential tool for sustainable living. By integrating tOS analytics, home energy devices become more responsive and efficient, significantly improving household energy management and contributing to broader environmental sustainability goals.

Enterprise API Use Cases

Available in the US only starting July 2024. The API for smart activity analysis (through smart watches) revolutionizes health and fitness tracking by providing accurate, near real-time temperature readings specific to microclimates. This enables smart watches to offer personalized activity suggestions, adjust for environmental conditions, and alert users to health risks associated with extreme temperatures. By tailoring insights to individual preferences and environmental factors, this technology enhances the user experience, promoting safer and more enjoyable outdoor activities tailored to the current climate conditions.


Enhanced Temperature Prediction

The API enhances home energy devices by providing accurate temperature predictions tailored to specific microclimates, enabling more precise climate control and energy efficiency in homes.


Adaptive Climate Control

Utilize the API to enable devices to adjust heating and cooling systems proactively, based on microclimate predictions, optimizing comfort and reducing energy consumption.


Energy Consumption Insights

Offer detailed analyses on how microclimate conditions impact home energy use, aiding in the development of smarter, energy-saving strategies.


Custom Comfort Profiles

Allow devices to create custom climate control profiles based on microclimate data, enhancing user comfort and device adaptability.


Seasonal Efficiency Planning

The API can predict seasonal temperature changes, enabling devices to plan energy usage efficiently throughout the year.


Maintenance Predictions

Provide insights into when heating and cooling systems might need maintenance based on environmental conditions, reducing unexpected breakdowns.


Sustainable Energy Usage

Equip devices with the ability to optimize energy consumption for sustainability, using microclimate data to adjust settings for minimal environmental impact.

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