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Smart Activity Analysis

Our Temperature Operating System "tOS" revolutionizes health and fitness tracking for smart activity analysis, offering not just advanced heat mapping but also predictive modeling. 

Enterprise API Use Cases

More Cases

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These tools enable smart watches to provide accurate, microclimate-adapted activity suggestions, enhancing user safety and enjoyment during outdoor activities. tOS's high-resolution data and predictive insights are crucial for developing personalized activity recommendations that consider environmental conditions, making it an indispensable tool for optimizing health and fitness routines.

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By integrating tOS analytics into smart watches, users gain access to tailored health monitoring and risk alerts, ensuring activities are perfectly aligned with current climate conditions.

Enterprise API Use Cases

Available in the US only starting July 2024. The API for smart activity analysis (through smart watches) revolutionizes health and fitness tracking by providing accurate, near real-time temperature readings specific to microclimates. This enables smart watches to offer personalized activity suggestions, adjust for environmental conditions, and alert users to health risks associated with extreme temperatures. By tailoring insights to individual preferences and environmental factors, this technology enhances the user experience, promoting safer and more enjoyable outdoor activities tailored to the current climate conditions.


Microclimate Temperature Readings

The API provides smart watches with accurate temperature readings tailored to specific microclimates, enhancing activity tracking and health monitoring.


Environmental Adaptation Suggestions

Utilize the API to offer users personalized activity recommendations based on current microclimate conditions, optimizing for health and comfort.


Activity Planning and Insights

The API enables smart watches to predict the best times for outdoor activities by analyzing temperature trends, helping users plan their activities in the most comfortable conditions.


Personalized Comfort Insights

Tailor activity insights and suggestions to individual comfort levels and temperature tolerances, optimizing user experience.


Health Risk Alerts

Offer alerts on potential health risks due to extreme temperatures, enabling users to make informed decisions about outdoor activities.

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